BOU Blog Better For You with Arielle Charnas of @SomethingNavy

Better For You with Arielle Charnas of @SomethingNavy
Better For You with Arielle Charnas of @SomethingNavy
Arielle Charnas is the founder of the extremely popular style blog and fashion brand, Something Navy (@somethingnavy). She's also mom to one of BOU's biggest fans, Ruby (#RubyBOU) and has another child on the way! We caught up with this busy mama to learn how she lives a better for you lifestyle!
Why is BOU a staple in your kitchen?
It’s perfect for last minute meals for the family and there are endless possibilities with them! My daughter, Ruby especially loves them for the soups I make and I love that they are made with all natural ingredients and no artificial flavors. They’re easy since they’re portioned out in individually wrapped cubes and come in so many different flavors (chicken is our favorite!)
How do you live a “better for you” lifestyle?
I am much more conscious and thoughtful of what I put into my body now after going through pregnancy. Additionally, after seeing how amazing the body is with its capabilities and how resilient it is, I focus on taking better care of it with regular workouts. Not only is it good physically, but working out helps with stress and makes me happier and energized overall. 
As a busy mom wearing many hats, what is your #1 time saving hack?
Apps that make my life easier — Postmates and Instacart!
What is your favorite recipe to make with BOU for you and your family?
Split pea soup!

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