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BOU Soup Cups FAQ
BOU Soup Cups FAQ

You asked, we answered! Here's everything you need to know about our brand new Better For You Soup Cups!

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What are BOU Soup Cups? 
BOU Soup Cups fill a large gap in the market for healthier, high-quality, on-the-go soups. Made with our better for you broth cubes, all natural ingredients, and packed in recyclable, custom branded packaging, BOU Soup Cups will give you a savory and comforting meal in minutes! 

Our Soup Cups come in four flavors: Classic Chicken & Noodle, Garden Tomato & Quinoa, Harvest Vegetable & Grain, and Shiitake Mushroom & Beef. Our cups are low calorie (between 160-210 calories per cup) and can be enjoyed as a snack or a light meal. Each cup comes with a custom spork (spoon + fork in one!) so that you can enjoy the broth, hearty grains, and fresh veggies in one fell scoop!

Are BOU Soup Cups gluten free?
Three of our Soup Cup flavors are gluten free! Garden Tomato & Quinoa, Harvest Vegetable & Grain, and Shiitake Mushroom & Beef are all gluten free, while the Classic Chicken & Noodle soup is not and contains gluten.

Are BOU Soup Cups vegetarian/vegan?
Both our Harvest Vegetable & Grain and Garden Tomato & Quinoa Soup Cups are certified vegan!

Are BOU Soup Cups non GMO? 
Our Soup Cups feature non-GMO ingredients and have been extensively tested to ensure that they are 100% free of GMOs. We are still waiting our verification from the Non-GMO project, and should receive our certification very soon!

Why is there a sticker on my BOU Soup Cup?
Due to a number of factors, we got a little ahead of ourselves and assumed our Non-GMO Project certification would come through before our products hit shelves. Unfortunately, life happens, people make mistakes, and hey, we’re human! We wanted to be real with our customers (just like our products) and would never claim to be something that we’re not. For that reason, we’ve added an adhesive sticker that states NON GMO to cover the Non-GMO Project logo. Once our products are certified in the near future, we will discontinue the use of the sticker. The sticker is custom made for our cups and we can guarantee that they are dishwasher safe, microwavable, and can sustain high heat.

Are BOU Soup Cups recyclable?
Yes! We believe in keeping this earth clean, and encourage our customers to do the same. Our Soup Cups are packaged in a 16 oz. Versalite, polypropelene cup, that’s recyclable and BPA free – just another way we’re different, and better for you.

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