BOU Blog Summer Grilling Series!

Summer Grilling Series!
Summer Grilling Series!

At BOU, we’re all about changing things up… stepping “outside the cube,” if you will. Whether that’s creating gravy that comes in cube form, or a bouillon cube that’s better for you, we want to reinvent the way you think about food and cooking. 

BOU is giving the word seasonal a whole new meaning. Master Chef Tony Seta is firing up his Big Green Egg to show us how to work BOU Bouillon & Gravy Cubes on the grill with meats & bold flavors from around the world! Launching just in time for Memorial Day, BOU is partnering with our friends at The Big Green Egg for the ultimate Summer Grilling Video Series. 

Meet Master Chef Tony Seta! 

One of only 70 Master Chefs in the U.S. Certified by the American Culinary Federation, Chef Seta is a culinary professional with more than 30 years of experience! He has developed memorable dishes for restaurants and food manufacturers across the nation – an expert in translating bold restaurant flavors to recipes for chefs of all skill levels.  








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