BOU Blog Greek Isles Marinated Chicken by Master Chef Seta

Prep Time:


Total Time:





¼ cup water

2 BOU Chicken Bouillon Cubes

1 Tbsp. Lemon pepper Seasoning

1tsp. Montreal Steak Seasoning

½ cup Fresh lemon juice

1 Tbsp Oregano, dry

½ cup Canola oil

¼cup Italian parsley, chopped

1 lemon Zest from

1 Roasting Chicken (3 ½ -3 ¾ #)




  1. Combine all ingredients in a Blender (except for the) and blend well.
  2. Marinate the chicken:
  • Add the chicken breasts to the stainless-steel bowl and coat with marinade.  Marinate for 3-4 hours under refrigeration. (Toss 2 – 3 times during the marinating time).
  • Or place the chicken into a large 2-gallon Ziploc bag.  Pour the marinade into the bag and seal. Shake to coat the chicken and place under refrigeration.  (Repeat 2 – 3 times during the marinating time).

Grilling Procedure:

  1. Preheat grill to a medium high heat.
  2. Clean the grill and wipe grate down with a lightly oiled paper towel (use a set of tongs to hold the towel).  
  3. Remove the chicken from the marinade and allow the excess marinade to drain off.
Place onto the Green Egg Ceramic cooking stand (fill the ceramic stand with a beer—BOU BROTH MAY ALSO BE USED TO REPLACE THE BEER) & set into the roasting pan—PLACE ON THE GRILL IN THE CENTER-- (Always check the chicken during the grilling process to prevent burning).  Cook to an internal temperature of 165°F in the Breast and 175° in the thigh.

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