BOU Blog Italian Sausage Kale Soup

Italian Sausage Kale Soup
Italian Sausage Kale Soup


Olive oil
1 yellow onion
1 Italian sausage
4 cups of water
2 BOU Beef flavored Bouillon Cubes
Chopped Mushrooms
Zig-Zag Squash


1. Take a large pot and add a bit of olive oil. While setting the heat to medium-high, dice one yellow onion - you want to caramelize these onions in the pot. While caramelizing the onions, chop one Italian sausage into pieces and sauté the sausage along with the onions.

2. Once the onions are caramelized and the sausage is cooked, add two BOU Beef flavored Bouillon cubes and four cups of water to create the soup base. Leave the heat on medium-high until the soup starts boiling.

3. As soon as the soup comes to a boil, add chopped mushrooms, kale, and zig-zag squash noodles. Boil on medium heat for 5-10 minutes and enjoy!



Recipe by @missmisschelle

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