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BOU Blog Spicy Shrimp Noodles with Bok Choy and Scallions

Spicy Shrimp Noodles with Bok Choy and Scallions
Spicy Shrimp Noodles with Bok Choy and Scallions
Prep Time:

15 minutes

Total Time:

30 minutes


2-4 people


3 servings of Brown Rice Pad Thai noodles


3 Scallions

1/2 lb Bok Choy

1-2 tbs fresh ginger

Vegetable BOU Cube

3 tbs chili paste


3 tbs soy sauce

1 tbs Corn starch 

Dash of sugar

Chili flakes, for serving


  1. Put 3 servings of rice noodles in a cool bath and soak while you cook. 
  2. Chop and separate the greens from the whites of 3 scallions and 1/2 lb bok choy 
  3. Mince fresh ginger
  4. In a wok, heat oil and add bok choy whites for a minute, then greens for a minute, remove from wok and set aside.
  5. Add 1 tbs oil to pan, the minced ginger, chili paste, and scallion whites to pan and cook for 1 minute
  6. Add shrimp to wok and cook for 5 minutes, flipping 1/2 way through
  7. Remove shrimp and set aside
  8. Use BOU Cube to make 2 c broth. Add broth and soy sauce to wok.
  9. Add noodles from water bath to sauce
  10. Add corn starch mixed with 1 tbs water to wok with a dash of coconut sugar (or sugar of choice)
  11. Toss until noodles visibly are soft
  12. Add shrimp and bok choy back to dish
  13. Serve with scallion greens and chili flakes sprinkled on top!

Recipe by Erin Ghosh of @paprikaandpepper


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