At BOU, we believe in keeping it real. That means using only real and high quality ingredients in our products, but also being real transparent with our customers. Here are the most frequently asked questions about our BOU products! Have a question that's not listed here? Email us at

How do you pronounce BOU?

BOU is pronounced “boo,” like a ghost, like your boyfriend, like when a baby gets a boo boo.

What is a Bouillon Cube?

Long story short, they are instant broth cubes. Bouillon cubes are made from dehydrated vegetables, spices, (and beef or chicken, depending on the flavor). When mixed with boiling water, the cube dissolves and creates broth or “stock.”

What is a Gravy Cube?

At BOU, we’ve created the first ever gravy cube. It’s all the ingredients you need to make homemade gravy from scratch, in one cube! Packed with flavor and seasonings, this not so traditional way of making gravy is the perfect hassle-free, mess-free kitchen hack. Simply add a BOU Gravy Cube to ½ cup of boiling water and whisk over high heat to bring your next feast to new culinary heights in minutes.

Are your products gluten free?

Our bouillon cubes are all gluten free. Our gravy cubes do contain gluten.

Three of our Soup Cup flavors are gluten free. Garden Tomato & Quinoa, Harvest Vegetable & Grain, and Shiitake Mushroom & Beef are all gluten free, while the Classic Chicken & Noodle soup is not.

Are your products Kosher?

We are actively working on getting our products to be kosher certified and hope that we can make our products available to everyone in the near future.

Are your products vegetarian/vegan?

Both our vegetable bouillon cubes and mushroom gravy cubes are certified vegan. Our Harvest Vegetable & Grain and Garden Tomato & Quinoa Soup Cups are certified vegan as well.

Are BOU products non GMO?

Our bouillon and gravy cubes are non GMO. Our Soup Cups feature non-GMO ingredients and have been extensively tested to ensure that they are 100% free of GMOs.

How long is the shelf life of your products?

Our cubes have a shelf life of 18 months. The shelf life of our Soup Cups is 9 months, but we’re pretty confident that they won’t last that long in your pantry!

Why is there sugar in your cubes?

The small amount of sugar in our cubes acts as a flavor enhancer and also help with forming the cube so they can keep their nice and even shape.

Do your products contain MSG?

MSG (AKA monosodium glutamate) is a common amino acid that naturally flavors foods such as malt, soy sauce and yeast. Our cubes are made with yeast, thus contain trace amounts of MSG due to what naturally occurs. There is no refined MSG used in our cubes, only naturally occurring glutamic acid.

Are BOU Soup Cups recyclable?

Yes! We believe in keeping this Earth clean, and encourage our customers to do the same. Our Soup Cups are packaged in a 16 oz. Versalite, polypropylene cup, that’s recyclable and BPA free and the infamous spork is made out of polypropylene as well.

Easy as pie. Or chilli, or stew, or mac n cheese… we could go on.

We are happiest when the gravy boat is empty

Easy, quick and versatile - it’s time to experiment.

Good food doesn’t need to be complicated.